We are thrilled to communicate, that our collection of NFTs are now primed for distribution.

To explore the comprehensive catalogue, we invite you to visit: YieldNodes NFT Collection

With immense pride, we share that our exquisite collection is indexed by OpenSea, the world’s premier NFT Marketplace, and each unique NFT is poised to find its rightful owner.

For a seamless claiming process, kindly follow the instructions listed at: YieldNodes NFT Claim Instructions

We encourage you to adhere to these guidelines scrupulously, considering the uniqueness and irreplaceability of each NFT. Post-dispatch, the recipient’s address is immutable. To ensure meticulous review of every claim, we have implemented a manual process. Kindly anticipate a maximum of 72 hours for the delivery of your NFT to the assigned address.

Upon receiving your NFT, we are excited to offer three promising avenues:

a.) Safeguard your NFT in your own wallet(e.g. metamask) waiting for the perfect opportunity to integrate it into the forthcoming YieldNodes Pro (tentative title). This strategy will unlock a host of benefits, e.g. maximized profits from staking and masternoding. Early access to new products as well as further great advantages. This could contribute significantly to your earnings when resuming full operation.

b.) Capitalize on the buoyant market of OpenSea by listing your personal NFT for sale. We will provide comprehensive tutorials to support you throughout this process. The vibrant market offers great potential for trading these NFTs based on your set price. You receive 100% of the asking price (no royalty fees, no creator fees), providing an excellent chance for the buyer to reap substantial gains.

c.) Retain your NFT for at least a year from its issuance date, and later, sell it back to YieldNodes, potentially reaping considerable profits (please refer to the NFT terms and conditions!). This option requires patience but given our promising progress, it is an attractive choice.

We strongly advise that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions linked to this NFT distribution.

Your unwavering patience and support fuel our determination to successfully accomplish our vision. We want to assure you of our unyielding commitment to this project, with every team member dedicated to the successful establishment of YieldNodes Pro (working title) once our roadmap is realized. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all who continue to support us during this journey.

Here’s to the bright future ahead.


The YieldNodes Team

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