Dear YieldNoders,
As promised, it’s time for the February update, and we have a lot of ground to cover. Bitcoin growth is always a good sign that the altcoin market might follow, and it might be soon time for Yieldnodes to stand in the limelight again as we work towards getting back on track.

NFT Update and Enhancements
Our team has diligently worked to address the vulnerability identified in the NFT release and related projects. This extensive effort included a thorough manual review of thousands of NFTs to guarantee accuracy in ownership and the resolution of any issues. We are thrilled to announce that the deployment of the updated and secure NFTs is scheduled for the coming days, currently expected to be before the end of March. The entire collection will undergo a complete re-issuance to their rightful owners, effectively resolving all concerns. Your patience during this critical phase is immensely appreciated, as our technical team is dedicated to ensuring every detail is managed with the utmost precision.

Please refrain from overloading support and stay patient as we work out the kinks to set everything back on track. Remember, as mentioned before, the vulnerability was not only affecting Yieldnodes but was a known issue across the full industry and will be fixed as per the timeline.

YieldNodes Pro 2024 Updates
This strategic reallocation of our resources towards resolving the NFT vulnerabilities underscores our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of quality and security. Consequently, we have decided to reschedule the launch of the YieldNodes Pro test version to Q2. This decision, made with careful consideration, ensures that we are fully prepared to offer a platform that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our community.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that a summary of all milestones, based on the DECENOMY milestones, complete with a timeline, is now available for download on our website. This will provide a comprehensive overview of what we have planned and the exciting progress we anticipate in the near future.

YieldNodes Pro 2024/2025

Auditing of the masternoding and staking Processes.
As we forge ahead with our mission to set new benchmarks in the digital finance realm, we are diligently preparing for an extensive audit of the YieldNodes Pro assets involved in masternoding and staking. This pivotal step is not merely a procedural necessity; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to transparency, integrity, and the highest ethical standards. Our goal is to offer our community unequivocal assurance that every facet of our operations reflects our dedication to excellence and trustworthiness.

Understanding the complexity and scale of our operations, we recognize the importance of addressing a few remaining technical and legal challenges to ensure the audit’s thoroughness and accuracy. Furthermore, we are currently in discussions with two of the “Big Four” accounting firms to serve as our public auditors. This collaboration is crucial, as it will bring an additional layer of credibility and confidence to our project. However, aligning with such esteemed partners and finalizing the preparatory steps means that we need to adjust our timeline. We expect to have the new auditor in place and for them to commence their audit in Q2.

This decision to extend our timeline is made with the best interests of our community and the long-term success of YieldNodes Pro in mind. We believe that taking the time to address these challenges head-on and securing the right auditing partnership will lay a solid foundation for our future growth and the trust of our users.

Chainalysis Lawsuit
Regarding the Chainalysis lawsuit, this represents a pivotal juncture for our industry, and we approach it with a strong sense of confidence in our ability to address and dispel any concerns related to our project. The significance of this case extends far beyond our immediate circle, impacting the broader crypto world. We are fully committed to not only defending our stance but also to vindicating our name and reinstating our standing within the community.

Moreover, it’s becoming apparent that we are attracting formidable allies to join us in this legal endeavor. Although specifics must remain confidential at this juncture, the support we’re garnering is a testament to the strength of our case and the justice of our cause. This development is a beacon of hope, signaling a united front that enhances our resolve and prospects for a favorable resolution. Rest assured, we are navigating this challenge with the utmost diligence and dedication, aiming to emerge stronger and more resilient.

Please have a look at the media covering the case here:
YieldNodes Press


3th Party Announcements

Flitswallet App
Flits is making inroads as the biggest provider of master nodes hosting services and will be a sturdy partner in building the foundation and ground layer that is DECENOMY. There has never been a better time to start masternoding coins yourself; remember, you retain full control over your wallet and keys that are not shared with the app, truly living the decentralized idea.

The more master nodes are set up and built, the more secure and sturdy the base will become on which decenomy can build its vision of a decentralized and flourishing economy. (and appreciation of coins will not be far behind!)

Become part of it now, and set up your nodes!
Flitswallet App

Decenomy Milestones for 2024
As the pilot project matures, please have an in-depth look at the progress DECENOMY has planned and laid out for 2024.

DECENOMY Unveils 2024-2025 Milestone Sheet: Asset Providers, Think Tank, and Expansion in Focus – Decenomy

As we reflect on the journey ahead, our optimism for YieldNodes in 2024 has never been stronger. Our resilience through challenging times has positioned us not just as survivors of the tumultuous crypto winter but as a beacon of innovation and promise within the industry. Our determination to persevere, rather than capitulate, has set the stage for YieldNodes to not merely recover but to lead a transformative wave across the digital finance landscape.

We eagerly anticipate sharing further updates as we progress along our outlined milestones. We invite our community to stand united and committed alongside us. Through collective growth and active advocacy, we can accelerate our ascent, benefiting all involved.

With heartfelt gratitude​

The YieldNodes Team