Dear YieldNoders,

We are delighted to share the 2nd part in our Christmas Newsletter series to outline all the Progress that has been made as well as whats coming and what is planned.

Please take your time to read everything carefully. The NFT topic is especially important as you will realize the potential of obtaining it. It is a bit of a learning curve, but we cannot emphasize enough how important and beneficial it truly is. Lets dive right in!

NFT Clarifications – Why Requesting It Makes Sense

As you read in the previous newsletter, requesting your personal digital NFT will be possible until the end of December. We strongly recommend doing this because it’s:

  1. Unique. Each NFT is rareunique, and indivisible. It can be bought and sold an infinite number of times. You will not depend on the YieldNodes platform or any third party; it is yours and can be self-custodied. Please read in-depth about how to do this here. There is a bit of a learning curve, but don’t shy away, as it can be extremely lucrative.
  2. Privileged. YieldNodes NFTs get preference in YieldNodes Pro. Bringing the YieldNodes Pro platform to life is still our number one priority for 2024. NFT holders will get priority access, and the reinsertion or the buyback can be handled faster and much more efficiently than balance reimports of people who did not claim their NFT.
  3. Rare. Non-claimed NFTs are permanently destroyed*. Once the deadline of 31 December 2023 has passed, all unclaimed NFTs are destroyed and can never be brought to life again. This is an opportunity that has a timer on it. Once the unclaimed NFTs are destroyed, the remaining NFTs will – as the law of Scarcity dictates – become more valuable. As the market currently gives the NFT a 15% value on balance to the associated YieldNodes NFT, you can assume that this value will increase gradually, especially as the date for YieldNodes Pro Launch nears.
  4. Boons and Perks. The NFT can act as an anonymous identifier that allows us to identify NFT owners’ addresses and deploy bonuses, as well as grant access to areas and gifts. Once YieldNodes Pro is live, envision sending masternoded rewards straight to the NFT Holder without the need for a members’ area, for instance. Or, as another potential example, granting access to the YieldNodes Pro members’ area by identifying a valid NFT Holder through the associated address, making holding personal data unnecessary (and becoming more decentralized). 

    These are but examples of what is possible. The NFT mechanic allows us to go to the next level and build a truly decentralized offering, and we would hate for you to miss out.
  5. A Statement. You are signaling to us and the community that you stand behind the project and you support our steps to revitalize it. Faster rallying means faster recovery and quicker price appreciation. Projection to the outside matters a lot more in cryptocurrency than in any other market. A strong, unified community is where it’s at.

Read How to Claim your NFT now!

Third-Party Announcements

Birake Exchange
Birake Exchange is a cryptocurrency Exchange Platform that offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency coins (as well as all 17+ of DECENOMYS  coins). 

New KYC System with ID Verse
Birake has partnered with ID Verse, introducing a faster, more efficient KYC (Know Your Customer) process**. This is a mandatory procedure for all new users, and existing users are encouraged to complete it in the coming weeks. It will enhance security and streamline the user experience on Birake. Read more here.

Fiat On-Ramp Feature
A fiat on-ramp feature is on its way to Birake Exchange. This feature will make it easier to buy cryptocurrencies using traditional currencies, improving accessibility and convenience for users, as well as opening the ecosystem up to a wide variety of new customers.

Earn with Birake
Get ready to benefit from the upcoming affiliate program at Birake Exchange. This program will allow you to earn rewards by referring new users. More details coming soon!



What You Need to Know about DECENOMYS Multi-Instance Hosting for Masternodes
Masternoding and staking is usually limited to one cryptocurrency per server or VPS. The process of setting up multiple master nodes in different ecosystems has been tedious and time-consuming in the past.
With the revolutionary Multi-instance hosting that (as far as we know) is only doable in the DECENOMY ecosystem, this process has been simplified and streamlined to secure the network.

The multi-instance hosting feature is one of DECENOMYS innovations to enrich its masternode systems. This feature allows a full node to host multiple masternode instances. This innovation aims to simplify operations, reduce barriers for masternode operators, and encourage cost-effective management on a single server, thereby promoting broader participation. Read more here.

How the Last Paid V2 Feature Improves DECENOMYS Masternode System
In an endeavor to enhance the DECENOMY masternode system and its associated coins, DECENOMY introduced the Last Paid V2. This feature seeks to optimize the process of tracking when master nodes on a network were last paid. This information is valuable as it helps to determine the order of payments. In addition, it can be used to predict when a master node should expect a reward. Read more here.

General News

Altcoin Rally Signs
With the growth of Bitcoin and the anticipation of a potential ETF in the US in January, Bitcoin has rallied and the interest in cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle has come back. Altcoins have been left behind, but the market is showing signs of growth.

Sapphire (SAPP) the flagship coin of the DECENOMY Network has appreciated over 57% over the last month.

Check live trading on Birake here!

Expect our next update on the 17th of December as we dive deeper into the future of YieldNodes!

As Samuel Johnson once said: “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”  We are very excited as we progress into 2024 step by step and are committed to building YieldNodes Pro. 

Sincerely and with warm regards,


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*When the NFT is destroyed, it does NOT mean your holdings are gone. The YieldNodes Balance remains in the system as is, but the associated NFT benefits and privileges, such as the buyback and the faster reinsertion to YieldNodes Pro, are gone. Please claim your NFT by following the instructions here.

**Birake, unfortunately, does not serve U.S. citizens.