Dear YieldNodes Community Members,

We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and the trust you have placed in YieldNodes, and we would like to seize this opportunity to address some of the challenges we currently face.

Regrettably, we have observed that not everyone has fully grasped the concept and intrinsic value of the public blockchain. Some individuals still perceive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Sapphire, and other cryptocurrencies primarily as rapid wealth generators, relying heavily on speculation. In doing so, they often lean on rating agencies that have previously faced criticism due to their lack of transparency and misjudgments, notably during the 2007/2008 financial crisis.

One such agency is Chainanalysis. We have repeatedly approached Chainanalysis, including through our lawyers, to seek clarification as to why they have labeled YieldNodes as a scam. Unfortunately, we have yet to receive a clear and understandable explanation. Ironically, FTX, known as the most significant scam in the crypto world in 2022, was a Chainanalysis customer. However, FTX was not mentioned in their scam reports, while YieldNodes was listed as one of the major scams of 2022.

At this juncture, we want to emphatically state: YieldNodes remains operational, and we are tirelessly working to stabilize and rebuild the value of our existing assets.

We are strategically utilizing the independent DECENOMY platform for this, in which we have substantially invested in their blockchain, which means their coins.

For enhanced security and transparency, we have generated NFTs that certify our partners’ investments. With this conversion to digital contracts, we aim to pave the way for increased transparency and trust. Regrettably, the conspiracy group YNL, led by Levi and Nico and representing very less than 1% of our investors, has convinced the NFT trading platform OpenSea to remove our NFTs from their platform.

Nevertheless, we remain undeterred and have developed an action plan to address these challenges:

1.) We are evaluating legal actions against Chainanalysis. However, this is a complex task associated with high costs.

2.) We are in dialogue with OpenSea to make our YieldNodes NFTs tradable again on their platform.

3.) Additionally, we are exploring other NFT trading platforms and evaluating opportunities to offer our NFTs there.

4.) We are also collaborating closely with DECENOMY to make NFTs tradable on their Birake DEX.

Independently of all that, you can trade the YieldNodes NFT privately at any time.

We are resolute in our commitment to fight and work for YieldNodes, despite all obstacles. The success of our efforts heavily depends on your support, and we kindly ask for your continued backing.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding, patience, and faith in us. Together, we can fully leverage the potential of the blockchain and create a transparent, profitable, and sustainable investment environment.

We look forward to journeying together towards a prosperous future.


The YieldNodes Team

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