Dear YieldNodes community,

After a long time working behind the curtain,we are delighted to announce that the collection of new and fixed NFTs has been successfully minted and is now available for viewing here:

Link to the New NFT collection on PolygonScan:

The NFTs will be sent out to their respective Owners over the course of the next few days, so stay tuned!

This process required extensive manual verification of ownership and NFT data to ensure accuracy. With over 18,000 owners involved, this undertaking was no small feat.

Introducing the New NFT Marketplace
In addition to the NFT Mint, we are thrilled to introduce Birake’s third-party NFT marketplace. This platform will interface with major marketplaces, aggregating data and supporting our YieldNodes NFTs as its inaugural project, which can be traded by 3rd parties there.  Furthermore, it will host additional collections in the future. 

Link to Birake’s NFT marketplace:

This marks just the initial step in driving traffic and enhancing the value of our NFT collection. Ultimately the goal is to bring the values of the YieldNodes NFTs up and give them as much exposure as possible so that organic and efficient trading as per their value occurs. Holding a prestigious YieldNodes NFT is poised to be very profitable and they will be ancored well in the new YieldNodes Pro Project.  Stay tuned for further updates as we expand the NFTs scope!

NFT Distribution Schedule
Important!:The distribution of NFTs to their respective owners will commence over the next few days. We kindly ask for your patience during this process. Rest assured, we will notify you via a separate newsletter once distribution is complete.

Regular YieldNodes users.
For those who did not request NFTs, rest assured that we are diligently working on the development of YieldNodes Pro. We aim to reconcile all accounts, including NFT and regulars, within the project. Noone is left behind and we are working overtime to bring our project to fruition.

YieldNodes interview on the status quo:
Steve conducted an extensive interview in German that was subtitled in various languages.

It touches on many subjects including:
What is needed for YieldNodes Pro to emerge, Mindset, the Audit planned for Q2 2024 and what is going on behind the curtains.

Chainalysis Court Case:
As many of you might be aware we have a courtcase going on against Chainalysis. To stay informed on the developments, please follow the link below:

3rd Party Announcements

Masternode Buzz Article about SAPP (Sapphire)

An Article about Sapphire, a coin that bridges the Gap between Crypto and the Real Economy, has been published by Masternode Buzz, a major Outlet for all things masternoding. Since Sapphire plays a vital role in our portfolio and our appreciation of our network, this will be very beneficial in the long term. One of the core Strategies that we are testing out is to bring Media attention to DECENOMY and this is but a first Step on what is coming:

Please read it here:  Article about Sapphire on

What Comes Next? 

With the successful completion of this monumental task, our focus now shifts to the development of YieldNodes Pro. Our aim is to rebuild trust within the network and operations, thereby increasing the value of network coins and restoring our operations to their former glory.

We are immensely grateful for your continued support and patience throughout this journey of rebuilding. Your resilience and your belief go a long way in helping us help you turn this ship around! 

Your support fuels our determination, and we are fully committed to keeping you informed every step of the way. Our team is deeply engaged and enthusiastic, eager to demonstrate our resilience and prove any doubters wrong.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us!

The YieldNodes Team

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