Dear YieldNoders,

We are happy to present you with the latest state of affairs update to keep you in the loop with what is going on at YieldNodes, the planned recovery of the project, and more.

We are happy to announce that coding on YieldNodes Pro has commenced, and we hope to be able to show you progress on the platform itself soon!

However, before we can unveil it, it’s imperative to once again reiterate what a successful recovery looks like, and the first step towards this is transparency.

As you know, it’s important to restore value to all the coins that YieldNodes masternodes and stakes in the third-party DECENOMY network.

Therefore, it’s important to realize that the DECENOMY network is an autonomous project aimed at developing the economic space, including the ecosystem, the coins, and the intricacies of it. The same goes for other 3rd party companies that are separate from YieldNodes yet have forged alliances with it to elevate the full network while presenting marketable and growable opportunities, such as the exchange Birake or the masternode hosting platform Flits.

DECENOMY alone has made great strides in its presence and development, and if you want to follow it, we recommend signing up for the DECENOMY newsletter to stay at the pulse of the action and to visit the website as it will grow and become an authority in the market aimed at securing big partners for a monumental project that, in turn, will benefit YieldNoders! (The Newsletter Signup form is at the bottom of the page!)

It is imperative that the entities be separate and viewed as such to build a strong market presence for the DECENOMY network, thrive, and thus bring back value to the coins YieldNodes and you are partaking in and elevate the value.

YieldNodes and Transparency

One thing is to talk; another is to show.

We are hard at work to unveil the YieldNodes Node Monitor website that will show transparently all the master nodes and coins YieldNodes holds on your behalf to prove without a doubt that the masternoding operation is and has always been ongoing. Expect the monitor to be up within the next month to provide peace of mind on the operation of YieldNodes!


We are happy to announce that most of the new and fixed NFTs have reached their rightful owners. There are still 3% to 4% of cases that need to have manual fixing and oversight, but we are on a good track.

NFTs can be traded in the following marketplaces. (More are added as we go to bring value to the holders, including the third-party exchange Birakes integration.) – Marketplace aggregator
Magic Eden – NFT Marketplace
OKX Exchange – NFT Marketplace
Tofu NFT – NFT Marketplace

YieldNodes & YieldNodes Pro Development

As part of a streamlined approach and coding of Yieldnodes Pro, the YieldNodes “classic” user interface has been simplified and fine-tuned a bit. We removed Phone and SMS verification and simplified it to email verification only.

While the pro platform is in development, it’s important to note that a certain value and appreciation need to return to the coins. While the altcoin market has suffered and still suffers, it’s important to keep a positive outlook.

Cryptocurrency value is largely based on perception. This is why coins with no outlook or intrinsic value, such as meme-coins like Bonk or Pepe, hold value. People attribute this value despite any underlying mechanics.

The 3rd party DECENOMY network is different. It aims to create an economic space with appreciation mechanics baked in. But a certain base of acceptance needs to be reached, and for that, we need your help.

Help Us Help You 😍

What can you do to strengthen the network, bring value back, and speed up recovery?

Everyone can run masternodes and strengthen the network using the 3rd party Flits App as a masternode host. You fully retain your coins and keys, and masternoding and staking will make the network secure and restore values by keeping them in strong and sturdy hands.

Our pledge remains the same: to stay right next to you side by side to see the recovery come through.

Keep a positive outlook, and let’s work together to celebrate a glorious comeback!

Sincerely and with gratitude,

The YieldNodes Team

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