Dear YieldNoders,

As we approach the end of the year, we are pleased to share several significant updates with our community. For December, we have planned the release of three comprehensive newsletters, aiming to conclude the year on a high note but also on a lot of updates that are steering this ship in the right direction. After February, we will resume our regular schedule of one newsletter per month in 2024 and vow to be in tight contact with our community. Please look forward to our upcoming newsletters scheduled for the 10th, 17th, and 24th of December for more insights.

Final Call for YieldNodes NFT Claims

This is a crucial reminder that December marks the final opportunity to claim your YieldNodes NFTs. It is important to note that any NFTs left unclaimed after this period will be permanently destroyed. Independent market analysis shows that YieldNodes NFTs are currently valued at 15% in the open market, not a small feat considering the FUD comments and negativity that we had to fight as a community. For detailed statistics, please visit Dune Analytics – YieldNodes NFTs, a 3rd party build tool that gauges the market activity of the NFTs.

You can see that there are well over 12000 NFT holders and more than 340 successful sales of NFTs as the economy starts to thrive. With the impending launch of YieldNodes Pro and the potential for these NFTs to be bought back at 120% of their value or potentially higher, we strongly encourage you to claim your NFTs without delay.

Make sure that you read all the materials on the YieldNodes NFT Page to keep your NFT safe and sound. It’s imperative that you follow the procedure to the letter because many copycats try to capitalize on the YieldNodes NFT by issuing fake NFTs. If you follow the instructions to the letter and arm yourself with knowledge, you will be poised for potentially great gains in 2024.

Remember, the NFTs are going to be brought back into the fold once YieldNodes Pro is ready to start, and you control your NFT in your own wallet, exercising complete ownership of it.

This is a worthwhile asset to hold; claim yours now!

3rd Party Announcements 

Decenomy Website Updates

DECENOMY is pleased to announce significant updates to the website, which now serves as a comprehensive portal and will act as the central hub for all developments regarding the decentralized economic zone as well as news relevant to it.

Amid the ongoing buzz around generative AI tools like ChatGPT, DECENOMY has integrated an AI-enabled answering machine on its website. The recent rollout is powered by GitBook Lens, a semantic suite of tools that uses artificial intelligence to index and return information about a site. 

This is especially helpful for newbies and will help bolster knowledge and understanding of the complex mechanics that surround DECENOMY.

Go to and start interacting with the A.I. in the top right corner to learn and set up your own nodes and much much more.

Asset Collection for DECENOMY is in full swing.

In preparation for the launch of DECENOMY next year, they continue to expand their asset database, which is vital for the transactional capabilities within the unique blockchains. They encourage contributions from a diverse range of entities, including small businesses, solar energy providers, farming facilities, luxury car dealerships, and many more.

So far the database features well over 1 Billion USD  in potential partnerships with letters of intent!

However, the more, the merrier. The larger the asset database, the greater the transactional volume, enhancing the value of coins and networks and, consequently, the projected profits and sturdiness of the network. To be a part of this exciting economic future, please submit your assets. You will play a significant role and the added value will bring us on the right track into a prospering future.

DECENOMY is about community; every contribution and action to spread the word will build a fruitful and profitable tomorrow.

Apply to become an early bird within the DECENOMY Economic Space now!

Whitepaper of DECENOMY

The release of the Whitepaper for DECENOMY is imminent and will be announced and published in December finally. It’s a labor of love but the first step as a technical whitepaper is in the works as well with focus on implementing the mechanics for launch and the basis of the underlying platform to transact and thrive through.

Appreciation of SAPPHIRE (SAPP)

The flagship coin, Sapphire (SAPP), has appreciated by 40% over the past month.

This increase is a promising sign of shifting market sentiment and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to this project. It is a small step but it already shows the increasing sentiment that DECENOMY is the future of the economy as it is envisioned.

Remember, the DECENOMY blockchain network consists of 17+ independent Blockchains powered by custom and revolutionary technology that will all interact with each other inside the decentralized economic space, not simply Tokens of an established chain as in many other projects. (See the network here)

Closing Words

As we enter the new year, we do so with strength and perseverance, fully dedicated to our mission as we foresee further appreciation as we go from strength to strength into 2024. Setbacks will happen but we survive the storm and will now gradually grow. All we need is patience and the commitment of all of you to come back to full strength.

We eagerly anticipate sharing more details in our next newsletters, including insights into partnerships and further developments.

We are working hard and steadily behind the curtain. Remember, as over 90% of projects tanked and left the scene during the crypto winter, we opted to power through for the benefit of our participants and all of us, and it has been proven that this was the right decision to take.

Giving up would have been the easy way out, but we worked through the storm and are now in full rebuild and thrive mode. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we will emerge stronger and resilient together with you – our community.

We appreciate your backing, and the more support we get, the faster we will grow back to full strength!   

Stay strong and await the newsletter on the 10th of December as we dive deeper into promising and lasting developments that will set us on course for a strong future.

Sincerely and with gratitude,
The YieldNodes Team

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