Dear YieldNoders,

We are glad to share the 3rd Advent Newsletter with you as we keep progressing steadily toward realizing our goals in 2024.

As progress into YieldNodes Pro is being made, we wanted to address some more key points as well as share exciting 3rd party announcements that will help provide and bring value back to the ecosystem as originally envisioned.

YieldNodes Coin and Asset Audit.
Auditing the YieldNode coin assets takes a little bit more time than originally planned, as it is a huge undertaking, but it is one of the milestones on the roadmap for early 2024.

We want to stress that masternoding and staking are still ongoing and that the assets in the Coins of DECENOMY are present and secured.

Bringing value back is of the utmost priority, as well as giving clarity and transparency to ensure that we are on track.

Community Sentiment.
YieldNodes is getting more and more support from its members as the realization sets in that persistence and endurance are the key factors for success.

We want to take a moment to thank all of you who rallied behind us and took an active part in positive sentiment and togetherness.

We urge you to play an active role in partnership projects that strengthen coin value as well as to absorb as much knowledge as you can by understanding that YieldNodes is only a gear wheel in a much bigger machine where all parts need to work and elevate each other for mutual success and value appreciation.

Positive sentiment goes a long way in volatile crypto markets, and the winds are changing in our favor. Keep up the high spirits, and let’s work together!

3rd Party Announcements

Whitepaper DECENOMY Live

DECENOMY is very happy to share finally, and after much anticipation, the revamped and revised whitepaper.

Please visit the DECENOMY Website and study it here. It provides a deep dive into what is planned and explains not only the vision behind DECENOMY but also highlights the bottlenecks of existing economic models and how the DECENOMY approach puts emphasis on fairness, inclusivity, and interconnectedness.

Check the Article and Whitepaper here.

A yellow paper that dives deeper into more technical and specific levels of implementation is planned and worked on to give more context to blockchain and technology, as well as a blue paper that sets out technical specifications of the used technology.

Birake Exchange Affiliate Program

As announced previously, Birake’s affiliate program has gone live in its Beta-Version! Birake was always built for the community and as such, welcomes new partners as well as established members to partake in this opportunity.

If you want to hear it right out of the horse’s mouth, click and go to Birake right here.

Grab your custom invitation link here here.

How it works
Every user you invite through your customized referral link will reward you with 15% of the generated trading Fees for life.

The Payouts will be disbursed directly in traded coins that can be accumulated, masternoded, or exchanged at your preference.

For example, in the SAPP:BTC Market Pair, you would obtain SAPP (Sapphire) coins and/or BTC (Bitcoin) depending on your affiliate buying or selling.

The same concept applies to all other Marketpairs, so you can accumulate a very diversified portfolio of coins that can be held for potential appreciation or exchanged as you see fit.

Remember, since every affiliate you refer stays with you for the life of the account, the trading fees can potentially multiply into very significant assets, so it is crucial to start advertising early to build your network. 

As always, we are happy to be able to share the good news with you that culminates in a major announcement on December 24th. 

We are glad to have you with us on our way to recovery and appreciation. 

Sincerely and with warm regards,

Team YieldNodes. 

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