The video was announced with a very defamatory image of our partner Uwe Kuhnle, which was later at least changed to an image that was no longer manipulated.

Nevertheless, we wanted to be fair, to wait for this video before making any further decisions regarding further cooperation with this group.

But what came next was unsurpassable in terms of unprofessionalism and incompetence. We thought that was a shame, because we thought we were dealing with smart people.

I have written almost 12 pages, but I will only point out a few essential points, which were simply sloppily researched and facts were misrepresented. Whether this happened intentionally or out of stupidity will have to be determined in later legal disputes. Calling oneself Jesus and hiding in anonymity will delay but certainly not prevent this.
Even the initial comment that this is only his interpretation is only covered by freedom of opinion as long as there is no intentional misrepresentation here that gives the appearance of an objective assessment.

Now to my statement, I begin as the first with the last “large uncovered insight”:

It was indoctrinated that all companies of Mr. Kuhnle are registered at only one address (which is not true at all) and that it would be therefore quite obviously a letter box company. One could have cleared up the mistake oneself by a very simple Internet search, feed Google Maps with the address and then set the satellite view:

The “small” white building on the top left is the administration building where all the companies are located. It has 3 floors and an area of 2400 m². The whole area has a surface of more than 1.000.000 m² (you can measure it in Google Maps). In addition to extensive production and storage areas, to the right of the administration building you can see the HTC plant and a solar plant covering most of the area. The whole area belongs to the IPI Group and can be visited live. That there are a lot of companies from the IPI group registered, seemt therefore to be very logical and also serious.

Then we come to the next very obvious error in the allegedly professional research. It is claimed that North Data is a research tool that would be suitable to illuminate companies and structures. North Data is perhaps okay for a simple basic search, similar to a Google. But North Data, unlike e.g. Creditreform, only uses the published totals and balance lists and does not do a real balance sheet analysis. I have therefore asked Uwe Kuhnle to send us the relevant current Creforeform information for publication. Then you will quickly see the differences of a professional balance sheet analysis.
But it should have already been noticed during the analysis that e.g. the discussed IPI AG in Switzerland, as well as DECENOMY PLC in Malta, which is also known, is missing. Afterwards also further German companies and naturally the companies are missing, which own the solar plants in Italy and in Iran.

Also here a link:

Right, also 5 years old, but still generates electricity. Further planned investments have been put on hold because of the new situation created by President Trump.

Let’s move on to the statements about IPI AG in Switzerland. As described on the website, IPI is a holding company and therefore not operationally active. Therefore there are naturally no large activity reports.

Furthermore, the form of a stock corporation has been ridiculed. Those who are familiar with Switzerland know that the form of the “Aktiengesellschaft” (PLC) is normal in Switzerland. Even very small companies have the form of a “Aktiengesellschaft”. This shows ignorance and therefore the ridicule is simply embarrassing.

While we are on the subject of ignorance, a short lesson in business studies:
Both a “GmbH”, in English LTD (Limited), and a “Aktiengesellschaft” in English PLC (Public Limited Company) are corporations with limited liability (the “L” in both stands for “Limited”). And the “Umsatzsteuer ID” is simply the VAT ID.

Not knowing this, or translating it incorrectly, shows that there is too little knowledge in connection with business studies, especially international, to be able to make a reasonable analysis.

Both the IPI Group and the DECENOMY team are aware that there are significant deficiencies in their own websites. This has something to do with the fact that we are still used to conducting “old school” audits, product presentations and company presentations face to face on site. That is why IPI and we are indeed, as also smilingly presented, the personal visits and international delegations are important. We know that life and therefore business with real assets takes place in real places. There are no real virtual assets, there are only virtual tools that manage real assets.

The IPI Group makes quite a lot of revenue, to show this it is planned to prepare a consolidated balance sheet in 2021.

However, we will remedy this lack of information on our websites now and by 2023 at the latest, all our websites will be “up to date”.

We will continue to expand communication with the community.


The group has only self-interests and thus harms a solution for all and waste our time. If the members of this group are interested a this holistic solution, they are welcome to join our YieldNodes Discord server. Otherwise, as already from them announced, they will have to take the legal route.

Completion (24.10.22, 9:00am CEST).
The statement comes from Urs Schwinger. It is coordinated with Stefan Hörmann and Uwe Kuhnle.
An open letter from Uwe Kuhnle will also be published here today.