After consultation with our lawyers from various jurisdictions, we declare the following:

1.) The provider of the YieldNodes platform is Exceptional Media Limited, Hong Kong, Flat A, 15/F, Hillier Commercial Bldg., 65-67 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. It is therefore the contractual and contact partner.

2) We will provide the contact details of our lawyers to be contacted for any legal claims by 4 Nov 22 here on the website. We are currently checking if we will name different contact addresses for different jurisdictions, or if there will be a collective address.
In principle, however, the place of jurisdiction is Hong Kong.

3) We have used the funds of our investors exclusively for the maximization of Masternode earnings and the associated staking. All the coins are still there, only their value has plummeted extremely. To avoid a bank run, we have paused all deposits and withdrawals.

4.) Investors were informed in detail and repeatedly about the possible loss of the invested capital. It was also pointed out in detail that any liability for this is excluded. Every investor has signed this.

5) As has been planned for some time, real assets are being brought into the Decenomy network in order to create actual application possibilities for the Masternode Coins and thereby sustainably increase their value again and maintain it in the long term. Although we would not have to, we are doing everything we can to restore the value of our investors’ deposits.

6) The assets needed for this come from external partners as well as investors and from private investments of the operators of YieldNodes.

7) DECENOMY PLC Malta is not affiliated with YieldNodes. It has not been active so far and has been established to manage the real assets that will back the Masternode Coins. It has a different shareholder structure than Exceptional Media Limited, Hong Kong.

Stefan Hörmann
CEO Exceptional Media Limited, Hong Kong

Urs Schwinger
COO and CIO Exceptional Media Limited, Hong Kong