Dear DECONOMY friends,

Enclosed we publish the Open Letter of our partner Uwe Kuhnle.

I have spoken with him a lot during the last days. He still stands behind us despite all unfair attacks on his person and his companies and will bring DECENOMY to a new level with his assets. We have been working together for several years and have been preparing the IPI Group for DECENOMY for more than a year.

Although Uwe Kuhnle would not have to, he also publishes the balance sheet analysis and the related economic evaluation of Mewako GmbH by Creditreform.

The listing of the individual assets will take a few more weeks. Since it was planned to integrate the first assets into DECENOMY only in 2023, the auditor of the IPI group of companies needs a few more weeks to prepare the list of assets to be integrated into DECENOMY in the first step. There are other business partners who want to bring in their assets.

Details about the IPI group can be found here:

The page is not up to date, but you can already find a lot of information about IPI Group and its developments. However, the IPI web page is being revised just like all DECENOMY related web pages. Since this concerns more than 30 websites with a lot of content, it will surely take a few weeks until all websites are up to date.

We will in the next days provide a link list of the posts about IPI projects from other sites.

As Uwe Kuhnle writes in his letter, our lives take place in the real world and only to a limited extent in the virtual world. Therefore, the focus so far has been on business in the real world.

However, we will now also provide the relevant information online. In this way, we are showing how virtual tools can improve and manage the real economy. However, this will not create virtual assets that are only used for gambling.

Our NFTs act as value certificates for real assets and thus enable to manage the real values in DECENOMY and to build up a value register. Only in this way is it possible to build a sustainable economic system with valuable coins as sector currencies.

Urs Schwinger
COO and CIO Exceptional Media Limited, Hong Kong