YieldNodes FAQ

1. YieldNodes Rewards and Payouts

So far, it is planned that the payouts can be made in BTC or USDT again. However, since we now have a financial license with Birake, we may also be able to offer a debit card for this purpose.
The 5% reward is added to the claims and can then be cashed out together with the claim sale or as NFT. So if someone waits until YNP starts, they actually have compound interest.
In any case, 5% will be added to the value, and also provide the NFT with this function. Since the Masternode Rewards can only be achieved with the current market value, a payout is probably not possible, at least at the beginning. But perhaps we will find a better solution.


Will the staking rewards of 5 % be available for withdraw at the start of January 2023?

The 5 % is provisionally allocated to the account and thus also later to the NFT. The basis for the 5 % is the total deposit including all rewards and pending withdrawals. Since there is currently no market volume, we would not be able to sell the coins without dumping the price even further. In addition, the price of most coins is currently so low that the 5% on an euro basis every 3 months represents a higher return.

However, we are working on a solution to pay out parts of the masternode earnings on top to the 5 % in the corresponding coins during the transition period. With this solution of paying out temporarily blocked coins, we could also compensate the partners whose payouts were not executed. The claim to these coins will also be registered in the NFT.

Yes, the 5 % is given on the entire value regardless of whether it is a deposit or a withdrawal claim.
A partial solution with payout in time limited blocked MN Coins as a supplement to the 5% paid out every 3 months. The final solution will come when YNP launches in Q4/23.
We are convinced that we can restore and secure the deposits through appropriate measures. But it is exactly what we need – some time and the trust of at least a large part of our partners. But at the moment I can’t guarantee anything, because we don’t have the current values. We still have all the assets (essentially MN Coins), but they have very little value at the moment and that value would fall completely to zero if we sold them.
It was never planned to stop masternoding and staking, on the contrary it is essential for the use and security of the network. In addition, real assets are brought in, which in turn secure the value of the coins and themselves generate income, which also provide rewards for the network and the depositors.
There are no affiliates for claim sales. We will and want to offer the sale of claims only as an “emergency solution” for those who urgently need and want to cash out. We generally do not recommend this sale, as we are convinced that the deposits will recover their value within a year. Yieldnodes will not receive any money from this, the claim against Yieldnodes remains the same.

2. YieldNodes withdrawals

Once we convert the deposits into NFTs, in addition to the value, properties such as age of commitment, profit withdrawals, reinvestment, and the like are stored in it. This can lead to advantages or disadvantages when used in YieldNodes Pro. We will coordinate this with the community. We can name these properties at EW, but cannot say what advantages or disadvantages they may have yet. There are reasons for all properties to be advantaged or disadvantaged. Therefore, I ask for your understanding that I do not want to make a determination today.
We can include that again – currently not.
We can only explain what benefits DECENOMY and YieldNodes Pro will have in the future and then everyone has to weigh up for themselves whether they trust us again or not.
Yes, it will be paid in BTC.
We have decided after consultation with various parties and our lawyers to the following system and will now start this shortly:
We will start with a lower limit for claim sales of 10% and will increase this lower limit by 10% every 2 weeks, until we reach 75% (the last increase will be 5%). All sell offers remain open until they are either sold or the seller withdraws his sell offer or the conversion into a NFT of the claims has happened and they can be traded. If the lower limit increases and is thus higher than a seller’s offer, it is automatically increased.
Because then there would be very few interested investors and people who want to sell their investment quickly would not be able to do so.
No one is obliged to sell through the claim sale (EW) at a low percentage and we also advise against it. But even if some do not want to believe it, there were many requests to create such a possibility.

If you want to pay out the real value, you have to wait until the coins are backed up with real assets and thus have value again. This is the reason why we offer this 3 payout steps.

The problem is actually the fact that the book value differs significantly from the real values. A relatively simple example are solar plants, which are depreciated for 20 years but produce electricity for much longer than 30 years. In Germany there are solar plants, which already run for more than 40 years with still 95% of their nominal denomination. A large part of the plants at IPI AG have been running for more than 15 years, therefore do they have a big difference between the book value and the yield value. We are currently examining whether and how we can revalue the assets without a negative tax effect. That is the reason why this is dragging on a bit.

Furthermore, it has been mentioned by most investors that they do not want to experience things like Uwe Kuhne experienced with YNL and others. They want to protect their families and their employees from such attacks.
That, for example, with the music publisher is a huge problem. This company, which is run as a medium-sized business, is very family-oriented, lives from its good name and has done so for more than 20 years. Actions such as those against Uwe Kuhnle would be very damaging to this company.

Uwe Kuhnle and the IPI Group were also considerably damaged by the unspeakable video of Levi and his group. Of course, this has legal consequences and Uwe Kuhne is well positioned with his legal team to assert corresponding claims. However, we do not want to do this to other partners and other companies associated with us.

However, we still offer to view the facilities and the associated property of the IPI Group and see for yourself. For the other people who want to bring in assets we are looking for a possibility that notaries confirm the values without us having to give addresses. These can then be checked by elected auditors from the community, who are not allowed to give any information about the address and the owners. We hope that the situation will return to normal so that we can play with open cards again.

This was not planned so far, but can be installed if desired.
Unfortunately no, but we are convinced that all claims should be sold within a reasonable period of time.
To every time there is a “special situation”, the most clear thing is a clear point, where all is stopped. This is the definition from our lawyer. We are working on a solution for all and perhaps we can offer in short time a possibility that some people can sell their accounts, before they will get NFTs, as some investors are already interested. But I cannot promise this, as we have no final contracts.


Assets are associated with different coins, it depends on the industry. Some assets will be associated with multiple coins. In fact, in the long run, non-SAPP will be used much more for connecting assets, SAPP will become the lead currency against which values are measured.
Yes, Sapphire will remain the leading currency.
We will set up our own DECENOMY valuation system, which is published transparently. Notaries, auditors and other institutions confirm that assets were brought into the DECENOMY economic area and what value they have according to these valuation criteria. This is the first temporary solution, in future shall come a solution without dependency on a middle man.

This is necessary because DECENOMY needs a different kind of evaluation than usual. We need to value yield value, but also things like e.g. carbon savings or socially responsible behavior.

We will not change our technology, the coins will keep to be masternoding coins, we will only optimize the code. But in future there will be not only profits/rewards from masternoding and staking, there will also be profit from real assts, which make our coin valuable and also the masternode and staking rewards stronger.
DECENOMY is partly invested in these assets. However, there are binding agreements that these assets will be provided to DECENOMY to back their coins.
Unfortunately, that is not under our control. The IPI Group auditor is working flat out on it and says he wants to make it available as soon as possible. However, as this order has now come as something of a surprise for him, it may simply take some time.
At the same time, the Swiss IPI Holding is planning a consolidated balance sheet to show the economic strength of the IPI Group. But this will also take some time.
Here is something basic:

DECENOMY PLC in Malta was founded to manage the assets that are brought into DECENOMY. Since DAOs are not yet legal constructs, we have taken the form of a PLC for this purpose. This legal form is the closest to a DAO among all legally effective legal forms. As soon as the DAO is recognized as a legal form, we will strive for a conversion, possibly we can also wrap a PLC into a DAO.


DECENOMY PLC was not active until now and has by law nothing to do with YieldNodes which is a project of Exceptional Media Ltd in Hong Kong. Mr. Uwe Kuhnle is not involved in Exceptional Media Ltd in any form, neither on the owner side nor operationally.


To the question:

DECENOMY is intended to become an economic area that is valid worldwide, independent of national borders or other regional restrictions. The value of an economic area is measured by the economic performance, which is created from existing assets, existing work force and added value. Directly linked to this is the value of the associated currencies, in the current regional economies these are e.g. USD, EUR, CNY, and others.

Therefore, the plan is to bring assets into the DECENOMY economic area (through tokenizing), where their owners legally guarantee that all economic actions (buying, selling, trading, value creation, etc.) will be carried out within DECENOMY. The corresponding amount of coins is generated for the contributed value. This is provided in the economic space, nothing changes in the ownership for the time being, only the value from DECENOMY is rising an so also the real value from the coins.


In the second step, the owner can offer these assets for sale tokenized in whole or in part via YieldNodes Pro. Since these assets collateralize the value of the network, the owner of these assets receives, in addition to the distribution of profits, some kind of interest and compensation coins, which, for example, rewarden environmentally friendly or social behavior. Details will follow later, as this would go beyond the scope of answering this question.

IPI with its CEO Uwe Kuhnle has been supporting DECENOMY for more than 2 years and is willing to contribute most, possibly all of its assets to DECENOMY. By doing so, it increases the value of DECENOMY and some of the coins associated with it, which also increases the value of the masternodes’ earnings. Therefore, all users have an advantage by contributing these assets, but none are directly invested in them. If someone wants to invest directly in these assets, they can do so later through YieldNodes Pro. IPI is not the only company that wants to contribute their assets.

The motivation of the investors that they are basically convinced of the DECENOMY concept and see their future in it.

In addition, they receive some kind of interest for contributing their assets and can get rewards for social and ecological behavior in addition to the normal value creation. This changes the governance effect, instead of social and environmental behavior costing the company, it generates revenue. This corresponds to the idea of a sustainable economy, since social and ecological behavior are values and not costs.

That had always been our plan. We stand behind DECENOMY and YieldNodes Pro and will of course contribute significant parts of our assets.
There have been various approaches to backing the monetary value with real values in recent years. Fiat money, just like almost all cryptocurrencies, has the problem that behind the monetary value, as well as the money supply, there are no real values.

The value of money actually results from the value of the economic area where it can be used. In turn, the value of the economic space is defined by 3 factors:

– work

– assets

– knowledge

Land is also often mentioned as a factor (e.g. from Smith & Ricardo or from Marx). In DECENOMY we add it to the assets, in times of virtual business models, the land is always somehow connected to assets or is an asset itself.

These 3 factors create value. Labor and knowledge are leverage tools, which increase the value of the assets in the context of value creation. Modern technologies have turned parts of work (robots and AI) and knowledge (databases, big data) into assets themselves.
The willingness to work and the provision of knowledge are in turn attracted by interesting assets, so assets are also the basis for ensuring that these two factors are available in sufficient quantities.

The consequence of this is that the basic factor for the value of an economic area is the value of its assets. But if the value of money depends on the value of the economic area, then the value of money also depends on the value of the assets within the economic area.

In DECENOMY, the economic space is defined by the assets.And this has always been the DECENOMY plan, which we are now accelerating because of the situation that has arisen:

We introduce assets into the DECENOMY economic space that trigger economic activity and value creation there. As a result, the associated coins will increasingly be used for real economic transactions, thus rising in value and stabilizing.

Since there is no real legal status yet for DAO, NFT and other smart contracts, which will be the tools to incorporate the assets in the long run, we are resorting to existing legal forms and constructs.

This means, for example, that DECENOMY assets are held by public companies and we wrap their shares in NFT. Partners who bring in assets commit themselves to carry out all economic activities in the DECENOMY economic area. Corresponding contracts secure this. Via YieldNodes Pro one can then participate in these assets via this NFT. As I said, this is a transitional solution until DOA, NFT and Smart Contracts can enter into legally binding contracts themselves.

To create legal certainty for this, DECENOMY PLC, Malta was founded as a company to make legally binding agreements for this. Therefore it is counterproductive if this company is attacked by people who want to protect their deposits.

This is relatively easy to explain using the example of the current real economy:

You move your company or your assets to another economic area, combined with another jurisdiction, e.g. to save taxes, to have lower costs, to get better educated employees or to have shorter logistic distances.

DECENOMY is also such an economic area. But of course it cannot offer tax advantages. On the other hand, DECENOMY can offer interest on assets (in addition to profits), investors can get crowdfunding for projects much easier, there is (almost) no inflation due to decentralized money management, transactions are transparent, market power of corporations is broken, social and ecological actions do not generate costs but generate income. For many of the partners we approached, this was all very attractive.

Another advantage, of course, is that blockchain technology can be used for real assets, not just virtual assets. This makes many things in the real economy more efficient and transparent.

I would also like to explain this using the example of the real economy:

When the economy weakens in an economic area, such as the euro zone at present, the associated currency looses value. An economic area such as Switzerland, on the other hand, becomes stronger and the value of the Swiss franc increases. This shows very clearly that economic performance is the essential sustainable value. The higher the economic performance, the higher the value of the currency (highly simplified, I know, but the point here is the principle).

The basis for the economic performance are assets, from which in conjunction with labor, land and knowledge generate yield. It follows that the value of the economy, and thus the economic power, is ultimately determined by the value of the assets it contains.
Since the value of the coins depends on the economic performance, the coins are made valuable by the assets in their economic space.

This system is much more sustainable than any gold standard or the USDT (which for me offers no real safety). But the explanation for this would go beyond the scope of this answer and will be part of the next versions of the lite paper/white paper.

Since DECENOMY is a separate economic sector and our NFTs are associated with real assets and will have different functions than VA NFTs, those are not expected to be traded on OpenSea.

Virtual assets, which will of course exist in DECENOMY, could be traded as a NFT on OpenSea just like the YN NFT. However, this decision has not yet been made. In the spring before YNP comes out, we will create a way for YN NFT to be traded. This will happen at OpenSea or a dedicated platform or both.

Will there be some opportunities with more recession proof industries?

There will be much more to come. We want to build a platform for people from all industries so that they can use it for their business, their free time, their job, their education, their social security and much more.
In the process, we will help make environmental protection economically worthwhile. Only in this way will we be able to master climate change and make the world a little fairer again. The unconditional basic income is also a topic.

Some may think that I am a megalomaniac. We will show you with a team of experts that all this is possible. I have an 8-year-old son (I became a father very late), I want to leave him a world that is at least a little bit better.

It’s all a very complex process that has to be done in steps. We will react appropriately to market situations and always give our partners the maximum possible returns.


The diagrams have to be adjusted again and again by constant small changes. When we publish them, we want to have them real ready and not in a temporary status which produces again a lot of questions. Our plan is to have the version 1.0 in February.

4. YieldNodes Pro

This is a good question, loosely based on a quote from John F. Kennedy:

“Ask not what DECENOMY can do for you, ask what you can do for DECENOMY”.

Tell people about DECENOMY, tell them about the benefits blockchain combined with decentralization and smart contracts. Use the DECENOMY platform from the beginning when the first features are unlocked and involves other people.

DECENOMY is not just about making money, it is about changing the free market economy and the monetary system so that we no longer serve the money, but the money serves us again.

DECENOMY is a new type of transaction network that has a similar or even higher complexity than the Internet itself. Actually, no one can correctly describe the Internet in a few sentences in all its complexity. Most explain the Internet in terms of individual functions and benefits, please do the same with DECENOMY.

The best solution is to simply stay in the investment, which is automatically the reward. The claim sale is a emergency solution for people who currently want or need to cash out. It involves a loss but gives other investors the opportunity to obtain YNP shares at a reasonable price. It was made available at the request of many investors.
You can exchange the YN NFT for YNP NFT (Asset NFT) and then sell them normally. Depending on the values, this can even be done at a profit. But there is no guarantee for such profits, because this is determined by the market.

However, the chance is quite high if DECENOMY and the coins behind it are backed by assets of value.

Any yield is conceivable. In YieldNodes Pro, investors can decide for themselves what they will invest in. Those who invest with higher risk can also achieve higher returns, but also have a higher chance of losing their money. There will certainly also be pools, e.g. also a masternode pool like YieldNodes.

In the medium and long term, however, the economic development will determine the returns, which is the only way DECENOMY can function sustainably. In addition to the financial returns, there will also be advantages in the use of the assets in which one is invested.

There will also be an interest on assets and rewards for social and ecological behavior, which will also lead to new business cases. Therefore, the revenue opportunities are multi-layered.

DECENOMY plans a basic income for participants of DECENOMY and of course pools (masternode and other reward/profit systems) will come again which will make payouts.
We will hedge this classically through diversification. We use different assets in different jurisdictions and continents and manage them with a decentralized blockchain network. Thus, freezing of assets and coins is quite unlikely.
Of course, anyone can invest in the NFT within YieldNodes Pro. You can compare it roughly with stocks, YieldNodes Pro would be similar to the stock market.

The NFT is bought and sold with cryptocurrencies. Each coin represents an economic sector, each coin is exchangeable against other coins and fiat currencies.

YN NFT are a special feature. They are a certificate of claim from YN. They can either be sold directly on an appropriate exchange or exchanged for YNP NFT at YN Pro.

When our evaluation system is ready and we have the necessary notaries and auditors. This should happen in Q1/23.
As explained, there will be no direct linking. It will be ensured that there is an economic space where assets are traded and also all economic activities (e.g. buying, selling, profit payment) are done with DECENOMY coins. This is how it works with fiat currencies, there is no real value behind them either.

This economic space, called DECENOMY, is planned for Q4/23.

5. NFTs in YieldNodes and YieldNodes Pro

If you use them to invest in YieldNodes Pro then yes, otherwise you can only sell them.
Both will be possible, the sale of the NFT as well as the payout of the deposit. Probably, the sale of the NFT will be more profitable, because we plan to provide advantages for old investments in the payout of profits (similar to e.g. preferred shares).
The YN NFT also represents, among other things, the deposit value of YN. Since this value will increase the value of the YNP NFT when it is later exchanged for the YNP NFT, the payout will also be correspondingly higher and thus the value of the corresponding YN NFT will also be higher.
The YieldNodes NFT is just a certificate that confirms claims within YieldNodes. This can be traded from Q2/23, this is a temporary solution for people who want to cash out their deposit.

In Q4/23 this YN NFT can be exchanged for a YNP NFT. This will then again be a masternode pool that will pay out monthly income in some sort of dividends similar to YN.

We will make the YN NFT tradable in a second step after the claim sale option (EW). Whether this will happen on our own platform or on OpenSea, for example, has not yet been decided.

In the third step it should be possible to exchange YN NFT for YNP NFT on YieldNodes Pro. These are then investments in real assets and asset pools with different profit possibilities.

If DECENOMY has proven by then that it makes its coins valuable again through real assets, the values of the NFT will automatically increase, so that a market will also arise which attracts buying interests

It depends on how the corresponding NFT is equipped. Basically it is possible that the NFT can be pooled again similar to YieldNodes and there then a compound effect can occur or income can lead to a payout. The NFT makes everything much more transparent for the investors.
The plan is to bring assets into the DECENOMY economic area (through tokenizing), where their owners legally guarantee that all economic actions (buying, selling, trading, value creation, etc.) will be carried out within DECENOMY. The corresponding amount of coins is generated for the contributed value. This is provided in the economic space, nothing changes in the ownership for the time being, only the value from DECENOMY is rising and so also the real value from the coins.

The owner from the assets can offer these assets for sale tokenized in whole or in part via YieldNodes Pro. Since these assets collateralize the value of the network, the owner of these assets receives, in addition to the distribution of profits, some kind of interest and compensation coins, which, for example, rewarden environmentally friendly or social behavior. Details will follow later, as this would go beyond the scope of answering this question.

The values are actually only indirectly pegged to the coins. The assets are contributed to DECENOMY, thus increasing the value of the economic space and thus giving value to the coins as they are used for its economic activities.
Do not mix up the YNP NFTs with the NFTs that are currently being offered. We will never and never wanted to join the hype there. We only use the NFTs as certificates for owning real assets.

There will be different profit distribution models depending on the asset, some similar to dividends for stocks, others will pay additional distributions for CO2 savings, and in addition there will always be some kind of interest for assets regardless of their profit distribution. In enhancement to that, depending on the assets, there will also be completely new profit draw rights, such as perks, free use of the assets, and whatever else partners come up with creatively with them. There will also certainly be a masternode pool again in the form of NFTs, which will work similarly to YielNodes and will also pay out monthly profits.

In the short term, any level of profit is conceivable, but on average, profit across all assets cannot exceed economic growth. We had already communicated this in all previous audits.

If you invest in a new asset or coin (like the energy coin planned in Dubai), e.g. similar to Tesla, a quite high profit is always possible and those who invest cleverly in assets can certainly make good money there.

But DECENOMY will have a system that essentially only economic parameters can change exchange rates and prices. So, speculation is still possible, but speculators (e.g., whales) can no longer manipulate prices themselves by large purchases or sales.

Especially in the light of what happened from September on (active dump of our coins) we see ourselves more responsible for the price stability of our coins than for maximum risky pool returns. Investors will be able to transparently decide their risk themselves.

In principle, all payouts are treated equally. However, age, payout ratio and payout entitlement are also stored in the NFT. This can, after consultation with the community, lead to priorities in the acquisition of shares in YieldNodes Pro.
The current balance, including any payout entitlements, is converted into NFTs. These NFTs can be invested in real ones via YieldNodes Pro at the end of 2023. However, they can also be sold before that and thereby exchanged for other coins (BTC/ETH/USDT and others).
We will offer 3 options:

– Sale of the account.

– Sale of the NFTs (Q2/23).

– Continuation of the program through a YieldNodes Pro (Q4/2023).

The NFT is, like already explained, only a construct where you can store your value. It is more than you have now, at the moment you can see your value in our website. You buy no visions or visions, but every profit in the world is at the end backed by economic values, especially if it shall to be sustainable. So you most go to another planet where is no economy to have another solution.
In this case the NFT is only a certificate which we give to our partners so that they can sell and trade their NFTs. The NFT will have a value but is exactly the proportional value including parameters such as payout entitlement and age. No investor is forced to invest in real assets. The real assets are used to hedge the coins. Similar to the USDT, which is hedged by USD, but the USDT holder is not invested in USD.
The future value of the coins depends on the real assets that are brought into DECENOMY. So if we had too many coins and there were not enough assets for them, then those coins would be taken out of the market, parked, and then burned.
But if there are enough assets and thus the value increases, then each NFT has the value roughly equal to the original deposit.
No, there is a misunderstanding about the function of the NFTs. The NFTs are electronic certificates that confirm a claim of ownership.

With the NFTs, we make the profit claim rights of YieldNodes tradable and transferable. So people can sell their share if they don’t believe in DECENOMY and YieldNodes Pro. At the same time, our partners’ profit claim rights can be transferred to YieldNodes Pro and this is independent of any websites.

After the transfer to YieldNodes Pro and start of the service, our partners have the same opportunities as before and get a share of the masternode income in YieldNodes Pro.

From this point of view, our YieldNodes partners have the same options in YieldNodes Pro as before and only get additional options through the NFT, such as selling the profit claim right and maybe even lending it in the future.

This is very difficult to predict because it depends on many parameters. Therefore, no firm commitments can be made.

However, we will increase the value of deposits by 5% every 3 months.

Our goal is to raise the value of deposits back to pre-crypto winter levels, but we cannot promise that either.

The priority is to maintain a stable and secured value so that this will not be a flash in the pan.

6. Financial situation at YieldNodes

Steve, Urs and a few more business partners supplied enough money that all costs from DECENOMY and YieldNodes Pro are covered for at least 18 months.

Unfortunately, we can’t disclose more internal stuff. We have to and want to treat all our partners as equal as possible in our decisions. In YieldNodes Pro there will be much more transparency within the investments.

The 10% is only a temporary value. The amount of coins has increased, but their value has decreased. If we back the coins with real assets (similar to the USD in the USDT), the value of the coins will increase again, or there will be a fixed and inflation-proof exchange rate and thus the coin assets will also increase again to old values.
So far, nothing has changed. Binance always responds up to a certain point, then nothing more happens and we start the communication from the beginning. We have received different contacts from different partners, but even that has not helped so far.
The money is still frozen, Binance support is currently not telling us what the problem is and putting us off. All the required proofs have been submitted.
We contacted support several times (what was not always possible) and we actually don’t know ourselves. They have asked several times for a proof of origin, which we have supplied several times and after that there was no answer each time. They didn’t reject the proofs either, so it can’t be because of that. These proofs were always sufficient at other Exchanges. It looks for up that we came always in a circle with chat bots. The BTC are still blocked.
No, there were less then 5% in BTC/USDT, the rest was in masternode coins, most SAPP. The misunderstanding could have come from the fact that all values in BTC were settled at the daily rate. However, it was clear to see in the billing sheet and when the wallets were disclosed that most of the coins were no BTC. Also, the balance displayed in the disclosed exchanges was shown in BTC, although most of the coins were no BTC. But this was evident from the presentation.
We disclosed to the auditors that the value of all coins, MN and BTC had a value of 130% of the deposits. Of that, less than 5% was held in BTC, I showed that as well. I opened every wallet and exchange online and showed the value of the balances.

As before, we will not make any promises on future returns. We will explain what we are doing, with what assets with what values the coins will be collateralized and you will have to assess for yourselves what returns you think are possible.

As previously stated, the owner of the assets will be required to perform all economic activities in the DECENOMY economic area. This includes not only the trading of the asset shares but also all revenues generated by the assets. The value creation also leads to the generation of new coins. We are currently building legal constructs for this, how the ownership of real assets can be legally bound to NFT. (Shares, security in land registers, accounting obligation in DECENOMY with the antsprechenden interfaces, etc.). Initially, there will certainly be transitional solutions until DECENOMY has the necessary scale to handle any volume.

Regarding the assets audit we would like to tell that we are in an ongoing process with the surveyor doing the expert reports. We are expecting the final documents in Q1/2023.

We’re certainly not going to post that here because that also compromises some of our security. Under certain conditions, we are happy to disclose this to trusted persons.

Since YieldNodes is not regulated, no LEI is required. It was applied for before by mistake. However, as you can see from the register, the company is still active.

7. Success of YieldNodes Pro

It’s always difficult to put into numbers, because there are always risks that you can’t plan for. We are convinced that this can work. The essential component is that you, our community, actively participate. That’s what decentralization is all about.
We are convinced that all claims should be sold within a reasonable period of time. This is the only possible plan that promises success. The plan is coordinated with economists, businesspeople, lawyers from various fields of law and IT experts. However, our individual solutions always provide for alternative solutions in many areas, but they always stick to the red line of the master plan.
No, a lot from these investors are already in YN. Some people want to go out, some want to make more. The missing part will be new investors. We have to look for a balanced market.
No, the economic space is defined by the registered assets. Therefore, the economic space can theoretically grow infinitely, since anyone can contribute assets, subject to certain rules. The returns of the assets increase, because besides the “normal” returns of the assets, there are also interests for the provision of the assets within the network and social and ecological behavior also leads to rewards through the corresponding coins. In DECENOMY there is no interest on money/coins, there is interest on assets and rewards for coins that are used as working capital, e.g. also as collateral for masternodes.

8. Transactions

9. Marketing Plans of YieldNodes Pro

We have been visibly working for some time that we’re much more transparent and we’ve also increased our marketing team.  About the next steps we have just published a rough timeline until the end of 2023. This will be refined more and more in the coming weeks:


10. The Mobolith Project

Mobolith, the project that will be the first to use MOBIC as a coin, is a private business project with its own website. It will be one of the first companies to run on DECENOMY. Details will follow about Mobolith, we will publish the corresponding links soon.

11. Powerplant

These assets are used to secure the network. Rewards generated by these assets generate new coins, as the value of the network increases. Partners who are invested in these assets through YieldNodes Pro will receive a payout (similar to a dividend) according to their participation. People who are not invested enjoy the backing of the associated coins through the assets.
Photovoltaics power plants are not on the sanction list, you can check and like explained, you do not have to invest in this.
At no list, what you can do better to bring Iran away from atomic plants than Photovoltaics power plants?

We show that DECENOMY projects work everywhere, photovoltaic is not on any sanction list, it is highly profitable and what better way than to operate a PV power plant to keep Iran from nuclear power to produce no nuclear weapons grade plutonium hidden.

It is a bit more complex because the real returns of the assets are leveraged by putting them into DECENOMY. The asset itself still generates interest, since there is interest on assets but not on capital. If a project, such as a PV plant then also avoids carbon dioxide, corresponding compensation coins (UCR) are also generated.

In addition, there is the well-tried income from masternoding and staking, which in the medium term comes from fees and not from newly generated Coin.

Details will follow.

12. Yield Nodes Communication

There are always risks in economic processes. But regardless of my late answers (or perhaps because of them), we are on schedule. As things stand actually, we will meet the planned deadlines +/- 1 month.
I work 12-20 hours a day, I try to explain as much as possible, all people in the DECENOMY team works crazy much to bring DECENOMY to running. And we have to read nonsense and lies about us. We invited people to our offices and play with open faces and open company registers and this is used against us, so where is the error?
But you are right, I will try to explain more. We are working on a new information system DECENOMY is very complex.
Well, I think we’re answering questions, being accessible and building new channels of information. If we wanted to disappear, we would hardly do that.
I am the mastermind behind the idea of DECENOMY and therefore, especially in this situation, extremely overloaded and yet I try to find time to answer the essential questions here.
We introduced SAPP as a payment option simply because we wanted to support SAPP, as there were repeated dumping attacks on it. The reduction of the minimum deposit was due to the repeated demand for it. The 3-year anniversary seemed to us a good occasion to offer it.

When we saw the problem of a possible bank run, we immediately stopped deposits and withdrawals to secure everyone’s deposit.

Since we had already planned to secure the value of the coins with real assets, we decided to bring this forward in order to give these assets higher values again.

All necessary information and statements can be found in the internal area of YieldNodes. There are no further statements.